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Also known as The Green Island, São Miguel is unlike any other destination in the World. 

It features beautiful lakes, black sandy beaches, rolling hills, high mountains and volcanoes, green plantations and blue ocean.    

São Miguel is also the island in the Açores with the most to offer, with its historic town of Ponta Delgada.

Whale watching, swimming with dolphins, hiking and trekking, diving, besides surfing, are just some of the experiences you can enjoy. 



São Miguel Island offers many trails of different length suitable for all hikers.

Each of these footpaths goes through exceptionally beautiful areas, linking almost all the corners of the Island, both along the coastlines and in the uplands.



São Miguel Island offers divers a huge variety of sites. Among the many coastal dive sites, the "Dori" shipwreck is undoubtedly the highlight.

It rests on a sandy seafloor at an ideal depth for diving, just a few minutes away from our location. 

From the marine reserve around Vila Franca Islet created by an ancient submerged volcano, to reefs close to the coast like Lourenços and Sabrina reefs where you will be surrounded by Devil Rays and large school of Pelagic fish.

Those looking to dive in deeper waters also have access to the seamounts. 

The Island is a departure point for the mythical dive sites of the Formigas Islets and the Dollabarat seamount, located 40 miles away and known for crystal cler waters where large school of Pelagic fish, Devil Rays and Sharks swim.    


Whale watching

The Azores are currently one of the World's Whale Sanctuaries. More than twenty different types of cetaceans can be spotted here. 

Best time of the year: Whale and Dolphin watching is possible the whole year. In addition to resident species, such as common Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins, with which you can swim, there are also Whales that pass through Azores in their migration routes. 

Blue Whales can be easily spotted from early Spring to the beginning of the Autumn. Sperm Whales, Sei Whales and Bearded Whales are frequent all year round.

Regardless the season, there are always new things to discover.    

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